Vocations to LAMP

Three new missionaries read the LAMP Commitment Prayer. Photo (c) John Woods. Featured in Catholic New York.

 A Call to Holiness and Giving

As a LAMP Missionary:

  • A year or more of your life in evangelical service among the materially poor.
  • Your whole being to the Lord, asking for His leading and the power of His Spirit, echoing Mary’s “yes”.
  • Support and affirmation to others who are responding to this call.

A Call to Holiness and Receiving

As a LAMP Missionary:

  • Ongoing missionary formation and support.
  • A deeper transformation of life in Jesus Christ.
  • A Certificate of Completion.

LAMP Ministries is a Catholic lay missionary association comprised of persons who want to grow in holiness, and serve among the materially poor with a focus on evangelization.

LAMP Missionaries receive ongoing training and spiritual formation and enjoy the support of a community of fellow missionaries and associates. A commitment of at least one year is sought; however, the ideal length of commitment is at least two years.

Single men and women, married couples, religious and Priests are encouraged to apply. For more information, read our brochure.