LAMP’s Charism

“After our Lord had ascended into heaven…, He did not cease to remain with His Spouse, the Church, by means of the burning love with which His Heart beats.” (Pope Pius XII, “On Devotion to the Sacred Heart”)

In 1998, Cardinal John O’Connor invited LAMP to a meeting of ecclesial movements. During that meeting, Cardinal O’Connor asked each group, small or large, to express what is the spirituality of their movement. When it came to LAMP’s turn, it came to Lyn Scheuring, Co-Founder of LAMP Ministries (+September 20, 2018), that the ‘movement’ aspect of LAMP is the beating Heart of Jesus.

LAMP’s movement is to be in unity with the beating Heart of Jesus, to be one with His longings, His love, His mercy. Where does Jesus want us to reach out? To whom? The poor!

Due to this experience, the beating Heart of Jesus became a symbol, an image, for us to contemplate as well as to appropriate in our ministries. It became a crystallization of the spirituality of LAMP. Being consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary means to really be actively in touch with the beating of Their Hearts of compassion for the poor.

In the LAMP Center chapel, right below the crucifix and above the tabernacle, a small plaque reads: “Lord, with Your Heartbeat”. That summarizes the charism of LAMP.

                          The Heart of Mary, beating as one                                    with the Heartbeat of Jesus

         In the development of LAMP’s spirituality, Mary’s Heartbeat has always been acknowledged as one with the Heartbeat of Jesus. We know that the Blessed Mother is so in unity with Her Son, even beyond our ability to understand. In faith, we know that to be true, and we call on her and rejoice in her presence, along with Jesus.

In October, 2012, we created a new logo to convey a deepened sense of LAMP’s spirituality, taking into account the centrality of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Logo arch final
Our Logo

The Eucharist

The Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus, is central to LAMP’s spirituality. The mission of the Church is in continuity of the mission of Christ and draws spiritual energy from communion with His Body and Blood.  LAMP Missionaries participate in the Mass on a daily basis, knowing that it is our life support personally and necessary for fruit in our mission.

We learn from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that one of the Fruits of Holy Communion is love for the poor:

The Eucharist commits us to the poor. To receive in truth the Body and Blood of Christ given up for us, we must recognize Christ in the poorest, his brethren:

‘You have tasted the Blood of the Lord, yet you do not recognize your brother, …. You dishonor this table when you do not judge worthy of sharing your food someone judged worthy to take part in this meal…. God freed you from all your sins and invited you here, but you have not become more merciful’.” (#1397)

– St. John Chrysostom