Homeless Families

                     The Heart of Jesus Beats with Compassion                                       For Homeless Families

As of March 2018 there were 62,974 homeless people in NYC. That includes 15,393 homeless families with 23,110 homeless children sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families make up three quarters of the homeless shelter population. A typical homeless child is under five years old, very poor, and living with a sibling and a single mother.  The numbers are staggering:

  • One in 45 children experience homelessness in America each year. That’s over 1.6 million children.
  • 42% of children in homeless families are under age six.
  • There is evidence that homeless children have more health problems, hospitalizations, and developmental delays than poor children who have never been homeless.
  • Children who experience homelessness are also more likely to become homeless as adults

A number of LAMP Missionaries are going out two by two, visiting shelters for homeless families around the city, bringing them the compassionate love of Jesus.  The LAMP Missionaries share the love of Jesus through reading the Scriptures with and praying with those caught in the web of homelessness.

A LAMP Missionary visits with a boy and his mom who find themselves living in a run-down shelter in the Bronx.
Two LAMP Missionaries knock on the door of a “motel” that is now housing homeless families.
A LAMP Missionary visits with a woman living in a shelter. After listening to her plight, she invites the woman to visit the local parish to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.


“This rather is the fasting that I wish:

Releasing those bound unjustly,

Sharing your bread with the hungry,

Sheltering the oppressed and the homeless…

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn…”


Isaiah 58: 6a, 7a, 8a