About us

LAMP Catholic Ministries (Lay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor) is a lay missionary association, and ecclesial movement, comprised of persons who serve among the materially poor with a focus on witnessing to the love of God through Jesus (evangelization). This is a call from the Holy Spirit to move with Jesus and Mary’s compassionate Heartbeat for the poor. Single men and women and married couples experience this call to a full or part-time commitment of at least one full year, with the possibility to serve for many years, or a lifetime, to assist in materially poor parishes, serve with homeless families, and evangelize at other sites of poverty.


The primary emphasis of LAMP is on supporting and strengthening the faith commitment of the materially poor. Through realizing the extent of God’s personal love, their own dignity and goodness is discovered, enabling them to begin taking responsible steps in bettering their condition. Through God’s grace working in LAMP, countless materially poor have come to know Jesus and His love, and their lives have been transformed.

This is missionary service in the urban environment of the greater New York City area. Some LAMP Missionaries serve in materially poor parishes through home visiting, working with youth, adult and youth religious education, Scripture sharing groups, sacramental preparation, etc.

The LAMP Missionaries serving with homeless families do this primarily through a faith-presence in a number of the many shelters in New York City. Scripture sharing groups, connecting families with the local parish, giving instructions for Baptisms, but particularly personal sharing and prayer with residents of the shelter frequently draws these beleaguered families closer to God.


LAMPLIGHTERS is a Catholic outreach that helps form children and youth in Catholic faith and values with the compassion integral to Gospel living.

LAMP has a mobile canteen street outreach, called the LAMPCafé (Catholic Apostolate of Food and Evangelization), which brings food with the message and love of Jesus to those who are hungry/homeless on the streets. LAMP Missionaries also serve through other evangelization street outreaches.AboutUs4

Some LAMP Missionaries serve at A LAMP for Life, helping young pregnant women considering abortion to know that they and their unborn children are unconditionally loved by God, and that He will give them abundant life.

LAMP Missionaries also serve at hospitals and nursing homes where the poor and severely disabled wait in hope that God has not forgotten them.


St. Joseph’s Residence for men LAMP Missionaries offers mutual communal support and prayer while serving among the poor. LAMP Annunciation House is a residence for women LAMP Missionaries, sharing a communal call to mutual love, prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, and also serving at various ministry outreaches.

Community support is fostered among the LAMP Missionaries through weekly community gatherings, when they share their ministries, have Adoration and Mass, and enjoy lunch together.

The LAMP staff provides orientation/training both at the beginning of and during the time of ministry. The LAMP Missionaries receive room & board, medical insurance and a monthly stipend of $250.00.

LAMP is a non-profit religious corporation, serving in close unity with the Bishops of the Dioceses in which it serves. It is solely responsible for raising the funds necessary for the ministry. By God’s grace, Tom & Lyn Scheuring began LAMP in 1981. They pursued studies to strengthen the theological foundation and formation of LAMP, each receiving a Ph.D. in Theology from Fordham University in 1990.

In May 1999, LAMP Ministries received the Canon Law status of “Private Association of Christian Faithful,” through Cardinal John O’Connor of the Archdiocese of New York. This designation is an official recognition and affirmation by the Church of LAMP Ministries’ service of evangelization with the poor and as a way to holiness of life.

LAMP Ministries continues to evolve, as the Holy Spirit works through the LAMP Community, with the vision remaining constant: evangelization with the materially poor.

Tom & Lyn Scheuring, Ph.D.s, Founders and Directors

Marybeth & Ed Greene, Pastoral Directors

2704 Schurz Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 718-409-5062; Fax: 718-904-0048 http://www.lampministries.org