Everything is About Jesus

Sometimes time can feel as though it is drizzling down from an hourglass…in milliseconds. 

So much to do–how will I ever get everything done? How can they all fit in my day?

I am prone to fall into this thinking trap.

No matter how much peace wafted in my prayerful morning, the air of anxiety creaks in behind my automatic thoughts, above my expectations for the day, beneath the arbitrary needs of this or that, and then I slingshot back to that person who forgets that this is all about Jesus.

Lyn (RIP 9. 20. 2018), the co-founder of LAMP Ministries, had often remarked that all that we do is for Jesus…and that it is all about him—not us.  

Frustration, discouragement, impatience, shame, guilt and other negative feelings can nest in our hearts when we have not done everything that we had planned to do today.

After Lyn’s passing, this simple and yet real and profound statement has been traveling with me every time I am faced with a laundry list of things to do. It’s all about Jesus

Peace flows in and stays with me when I adopt this holy perspective. 

Trusting in the Lord drains out the restlessness of “getting everything done.” 

Trust makes room for clarity in my overwhelming laundry list of things to do that oftentimes consist of items from months ago.

Trust makes room for humility, most especially when I am clutching the last hours of the day as though I have the ability to freeze time.

In a fast-moving society, especially in New York City, we can all relate to the restlessness of an incomplete checklist.

Jesus knows exactly what can get done today and what will get done today. 

 A relationship with God steeped in prayer is absolutely, with no exception, necessary for peace in our day-to-day tasks. 

Lyn was so good at reminding the LAMP Community that everything is about Jesus. 

As we are drawing near to the anniversary of her death, let us ask for Lyn’s intercession that we may view our perpetually growing checklists—not with restlessness, but with peace and trust. 

Lyn, pray for us!

-Alexandra Henry, MSW, Admissions Counselor and Missionary