Holy Saturday

It was a Saturday
A springtime Sabbath Saturday
When the stifling silence
Made it hard to breathe.

The dear woman was alone
With her thoughts and memories
In a new household
One day old.

In the quiet time
She recited psalms
And sang hymns
To keep her courage up.

She stirred up the treasures
Of her heart
And remembered
What He had told her.

She believed and waited,
Unable to control
Yesterday’s images
But digging deep
For His promises
And repeating them
Over and over again.

As evening replaced day
She knew what to do,
Setting the table simple
With a plate of flat bread
And a cup of wine.

Sleep was out of the question for her
And the night hours slow passing
Wed the silence to the darkness
In a strange and powerful way.

At last, at long last,
A hint of dawn,
And suddenly in the room
He appeared
Changed, yet recognizable
To her mother’s eyes.

The joy, the light of His body
Banished Friday’s sorrow
As she feasted on His adorable face,
As she drank in His living Presence.
Mother and Son
Sat at table
Giving thanks together
While He broke the bread
And blessed the cup
Of His body and blood
Of the new and never-ending life.

-Marybeth Greene, Easter 2013

Peace of Jesus’ Risen Beating Heart and Happy Easter from LAMP Catholic Ministries!

Some of the LAMP missionaries gathered together to celebrate Easter